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We have one postdoc position available. Applicants with research experience in ultrafast spectroscopy and nanomaterials are preferred. Please get contact Dr. Chen Wang with the CV and prepare two references.

We welcome Ph.D. students to join the lab. Students will acquire knowledge and skills in photochemistry and photophysics, nanomaterial fabrication, ultrafast spectroscopy, instrumental development, and kinetic modeling. Ph.D. students should apply to the Graduate Center of CUNY.

Ph.D. Students


Aaron Maniloski

I graduated from the College of Staten Island, CUNY, with a bachelor degree in Chemistry, then started my Ph.D. study in 2019. After several years of trying my hand at various trades, a return to academia led to my first experience in a research lab at CIS, CUNY. The work was centered around synthetic methods for liquid crystal materials, mainly naphthalene and perylene derivatives. The lab experience was so inspiring I decided to push myself to continue in the field of research and work towards a Ph.D. Aside from being a new father, which is perhaps my main focus outside of the lab, I am a cyclist, an outdoor enthusiast, and an avid rock climber.

Jingheng Yuan.jpg

Jingheng Yuan

Master Students

Junwei Pan

Undergraduate Students


Hua Fu

I am currently an undergraduate student at Queens College majoring in biochemistry. My hobby includes 3D modeling using ZBrush.

High School Students

Enyang Li

My name is Enyang Li and I’m a senior at Benjamin N. Cardozo High School. I really enjoy learning new things and exploring different fields that interest me, and I want to pursue a career in science research in the future. In my free time, I like to inline skate. 

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